59% of Dogs and Cats are Overweight

It was estimated that 59% of dogs and cats are overweight or considered to be obese these days. An excessive amount of weight is on top of the medical conditions that continue to plague the pet population these days.

One of these issues includes the failures of pet owners and veterinarians who cannot determine the issue. As per the veterinary and medical history, fat was assumed to be just as nothing at first. But, you need to aware of the fact that fat is active in your pets body.


In fact, fat is one of the biggest hormone producers of the body. Almost thirty five of these hormones are identified in cats and dogs. These are the hormones that are responsible in bringing harmful effects on the bodies of most pets.

Most of the chemicals and hormones that are produced by these fats are released directly on the bloodstreams. They tell your pets immune system to act as if the body is exposed to infection despite of the absence of fungal, viral and bacterial invaders.

If you have noticed that your pet is already overweight, prevention is always better than the treatment. This is especially true to the case of cat and dog obesity. Prevention is more about a healthy lifestyle of dogs and cats. Thus, you need to be sure that you know how to overcome such condition.

If you want to overcome the increasing percentage of overweight dogs and cats, then you need to make use of smaller bowl to feed them on. You also need to assure that their foods are healthy. These should not promote fat production in their body. With these simple tips, you are assured that you can overcome the obesity issues of your pet.


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