Calcium for Dogs That Are Older

Calcium for dogs plays a very crucial role in their diets especially for the older ones. Calcium doesn’t only help the dogs to build strong bones, but it also helps their heart to properly function by supporting the heart muscle’s contractions, supports the nerve transmission, the muscle signaling and building, and help with their hormone secretion.

The calcium levels are capable to remain completely stable in body because they are stored in the teeth and bones. If their diet is low in calcium, their body will use the available resources that are stored in those areas until new calcium for dogs are introduced in their diet.


Vitamin D3 is also very essential as they help with the calcium uptake inside their body. These two nutrients are very important to work together as a team in order to provide an optimum healthy teeth and bones and provide extra support to other body function needs.

Not all available calcium is equal. The best calcium source for dogs is either the calcium citrate or calcium carbonate. These two are both economical and can easily be found at any drug store or supermarket.

When you’re feeding raw diet which involves 50% of easily consumable meaty-raw bones, the bones are already great source of calcium for dogs and can provided the required calcium in their diet. The commercialized dog foods are also good source of calcium, so if you’re feeding them a commercial kibble, there’s no need to have an additional calcium source of supplements.


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