Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Pets

What are the natural remedies for arthritis in pets? As the pets get older, their joints becomes start to get weak. As a result, arthritis will take over. Symptoms associated in arthritis include of the following;




Slow movement

Reluctance in moving around


Veterinarians prescribe different medication in the treatment of arthritis. These often include the anti- inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and acetaminophen. By using these medicines, these are likely after ending up in serious health problems. Provide pets with the natural remedies that can help heal their body from arthritis. Here is the list of natural remedies for arthritis in pets:

1) Devils Claw This is an herbal medicine that is prescribed to be used in reducing pain and inflammation. This is used by those pets with arthritis but not for those with diabetes.

2) (SOD) Sodium Oxide Dismutase, Vitamin C & E this is also anti- inflammatory that helps reduce the pain and inflammation.

3) Ayurvedic Approach With the use of Ashwaganda and Boswellia these can help relieve the pain and stiffness by means of shrinking the tissues down. It also helps increase the blood supply to the area. It helps in generating energy while counteracting the negative effects on the stresses of the body.

4) Chondroitin and Glucosamine These can help support the healthy joints and enhance the cartilage in between. It helps in de-generate the cartilage and rebuild it.

5) Pau DArco This is a herbal remedy used to relieve the pain and aid in the mobility of your pet that often has a trouble of moving around.

6) Turmeric This is also a herbal remedy for those pets that suffer from arthritis due to its inflammatory effect. This has its powerful anti-oxidant that strengthens the liver and protect it against the disease called as the myriad”

7) Finally, if you notice something different in your pets, do not make use of strong medications that lead them in harming themselves. Instead, provide them with a good a diet. Add up some natural supplements in maintaining their cartilage, reducing inflammation and pain. These can also help improve their mobility.




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