Pet Health Recipes Essential for Weight Loss

If you think that your dog at home is overweight, then it’s now the time for you to think of the best pet health recipe that could prevent continues weight gain. Apart from such recipes could extend the life span of your dog; it can also help them in shedding excess pounds in their body. Two of the commonly recommended pet health recipes for weight loss are as follows: 
1. Homemade Cooked Dog Food Recipe
Four cups of cooked vegetables such as peas, beans, carrots and many others
Two cups of rolled oats
One cup of wheat bran
One cup of ground meat or chunked lean
One teaspoon of vegetable or olive oil
Dog Vitamins

Cook the vegetables by covering them with three to four cups of water until it become tender. Add the oats and then the bran. Cover and let it simmer for about ten minutes. Add the meat and all the remaining ingredients. Add the dog vitamins before serving the food to the dog. Refrigerate once cooked or freeze some of the leftovers.
2. Raw Homemade Dog Recipe
Two cups of chunked or ground chicken, heart, lean beef, liver or turkey
Five cups of baked or boiled potatoes or three and a half cup of rice or bulgur
Two cups of oats, vegetables, wheat bran or combination of both
One teaspoon of vegetable or olive oil
Dog Vitamins

Combine all of the ingredients except your chosen dog vitamins. When the recipe will be served, add the dog vitamins at its daily quantity standard. Refrigerate or just freeze some of the leftovers.
Whether you select the raw or homemade pet recipe, you need to make sure that you’ve included the best vitamins in each recipe. These two recipes are essential in balancing the health of your pet dog which aids in losing their excess weight.

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