Vitamins for Pets at this Time of Year is Needed

There is not necessarily one magic vitamin for pet immunity instead of a group of vitamins, which when implemented, could be effective in the promotion of wellness and health. Most of the natural health professionals and veterinarian agree than without a doubt, nutrient deficiency is the most frequent initial cause of a depressed immune system. For several years, it has been though that only malnutrition will be able to weaken the immune defense system of a pet, but these days, research revealed that a deficiency in any minerals or vitamins for pets could negatively affect the capability of the immune system to do its job.


Vitamins fall into 2 main categories those that are water soluble, which cannot be stored; and those that are fat soluble, which can be stored. The important fat soluble vitamins for pets, which are important for pet’s health include vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, and lesser extent vitamin D. The water soluble vitamins that are important in pet’s health include the biotin, vitamin C, and all B-complex vitamins including B12 and B6. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for the immunity of pet. It mainly play a significant role in the maintenance of the skin surface, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and some other body tissues and their secretions.

Moreover, vitamin C is a main vitamin for pet’s immunity, and vitamin E deficiency most commonly results in essential impairment of the immune defenses, more particularly in older cats and dogs. Many pet owners found success in merging vitamins for pets’ health in various ways.


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